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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Although there are many uses, the primary purpose of Pennsylvania life insurance is to provide financial protection for your family after death. It guarantees that your dependents will receive the financial resources required to maintain their current lifestyle. There are several types of life insurance products available, including:

Term Life Insurance

A Pennsylvania term policy gives protection for a specified amount of time. If a potential holder does not have life insurance, term is often an excellent place to begin. The main benefit is a lower cost than whole insurance, and it is available in different periods which have fixed premiums from a single year (annual renewable term) up to a 20-year (level term). Also, term coverage can be convertible to permanent insurance allowing for flexibility over time.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal coverage is a type of permanent insurance which allows flexible premiums, an unbundled pricing structure, and face amounts. This is an excellent option to create a cash value, which also earns interest that can be periodically adjusted. The interest rate is guaranteed to not fall below a specific percentage.

Whole Life Insurance

Finally, whole coverage is another permanent option that remains in place for the entire lifetime of the policy-holder while premiums are paid per the terms. Whole insurance is an excellent opportunity for investment, as many policies also build cash value throughout the policy.


There are several advantages to having life insurance and using the right policy to fit your needs. First, it provides your family with financial assurance after you have passed. Second, when deceased, the policy delivers tax-free money to the beneficiary that can be used for a variety of obligations. A firm policy can also give security to your business. Third, the cash value return of a whole insurance policy is considered tax-deferred.

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